Mr. Clapp's Science Class

​**I will be posting all of my assignments, major announcements, study guides, etc. on my main website - Google Classroom. **

5th grade- Research 3 examples of each type of rock (9 total). Cannot be any named in class. Due Wednesday the 22nd. 

Quiz on minerals will be on Monday March 20th.

8th grade

Quiz on the circulatory system will be on Tuesday March 21st.  


I have attached links of some videos below and some  pictures of our class at the bottom of the page. Please be sure to take a look!

I showed my 5th graders something fun to do with with dry ice


5th graders demonstrating how atoms act in the different states of matter


The 8th graders using hydrochloric acid to test rocks for calcium carbonate (2 videos)


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(Links for pictures underneath "related documents")